Sista Luna

Sista Luna is a Colorado native from Boulder.  She received her BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 2010.  She is greatly interested in the processes of making art, which translates to a continuing exploration of mark making in her work.  Whether it be pen and ink drawing, monoprinting, charcoal figure drawing, or sculptural work; Sista emphasises the joys, frustrations, and problem solving that drives the process of creation through each medium she utilizes. Each mark is an echo of that moment of creation, captured by the artist’s hand and preserved by the medium she uses. Sista currently lives in Steamboat Springs with her fiance and their adorable puppy, Hazelnut.



Past Artists

Sarah Feiges

Sarah is a native of Iowa who moved to Steamboat shortly after graduating from Colorado College in 2013. Her passion for pictures grew out of a love for Northwestern Colorado's beautiful landscapes. Her work is largely inspired by and created on her numerous outdoor adventures, where you'll find her roaming around with her dog by her side and her camera in hand.

Julie McNally

Julie McNally of McNasty.tron Image Collective captures the Steamboat lifestyle through images of action sports, outdoor expeditions, astrophotography, landscapes, events, and more. 

Alex Sorapuru

A recent transplant of New Orleans, Alex Sorapuru utilizes line work and color blocking to highlight the action of each piece. Influence  from the Colorado topography has found its way into his work over the past few months.  Much of his artistic development is centered at Louisiana State University where he completed his architecture degree.

Kathleen Schlabach

Kathleen use's a lot of color! Her pieces are mixed media, taking advantage of what ever she has laying around her studio. She paints landscapes mostly. Her style is a blend of abstract fauvism and contemporary art. Kathleen lives and works in Steamboat Springs.

@neelhtakmi  website

Courtney Cooper

Courtney was raised in Colorado but artistically refined in Honolulu where she studied film photography at the University of Hawaii.  She is currently based out of Steamboat and enjoys creating with analog photography in her home darkroom as well as digital photography.  Courtney specializes in alternative photographic techniques including tin type, van dyke prints, and cyanotype prints.


Jonathan Taylor Bartlett lives and works in Steamboat Springs Colorado. He received his BFA from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015. He works in numerous mediums including ceramic, wood, acrylic, and digital. In 2016 he started jtbCRAFT, a artistic handmade craft line of functional wood and ceramic work.    @jtb_art

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