As a non profit we have set up our bylaws to require executive board elections alternating every 2 years for each position. Our 2019 year will have these openings on the board : VICE PRESIDENT. Being on the YBC working board does require 1 x month Board Meeting attendance (CURRENTLY THEY ARE EVERY 1ST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH 5:30-7:30 at SKI LOCKER in Steamboat), being a YBC member (duh), taking lead on at least 1 event a year, volunteering to help with events. We encourage prospective applicants to understand the commitment and dedication being an executive board member takes by reaching out to current or past board members.

Still with us? Great, that’s very exciting, because this organization is compelling to be a part of and we really believe we can enact fundamental change in our community, so hopefully you do too!

Brass tacks, you want to be an executive or at large board member? We need you to submit an application below and prepare a brief elevator pitch of why you want this role on the YBC board.



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You must be a current board member to apply for board
Tell us why you want to join the board and what makes you a good fit. And don't be shy.
Executive board members must attend at least 9 of the 12 monthly board meetings to maintain their position. Board members at large must also do their best to attend all monthly board meetings. Should something come up 72 hours prior notice to entire board is required and respectful. Executive & at large board members must take lead on at least 1 event a year and volunteer time to help at events, not all but some at least.
Let us know that you will attend and present on JAN 21st 7:30pm at Ski Locker in downtown Steamboat. (Required for Executive Board)