Brianna Kole (B. Kole)

Co-FOUNDER/ President

I love lists, so here’s the list of moi.

  • Steamboat Native [curse & all, it’s fo real!]
  • Artist in every endeavor
  • Tiny dog side kick, #TeaganWoo
  • Former Fashion Designer, not of the reality variety
  • I <3 Sliding, Classic Rock, Bette Midler & Lyle Lovett
  • My New Years Resolution is to try more Scotch [last year it was to pet more animals!]



Sista  Luna

Co-FOUNDER/ Vice President

Sista Luna is a Colorado artist living in Steamboat Springs. She received her BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 2010. She has explored a number of mediums including graphite, charcoal, conte, oil, monotype printmaking and stone carving. Currently, her medium of choice is paper. She utilizes old drawings/prints of hers by deconstructing them and using the peices to create a new artwork. She also makes affirmation stars; small, folded, paper stars with positive affirmations written inside.


etsy shop


Emily Waldron


I am a poet, geologist, and explorer. I enjoy writing and performing Slam poetry and have won numerous competitions. My writing is not limited to Slam or to poetry and I am constantly thinking of the best way to write or say something. I joined YBC because I think poetry is an invaluable art form that is lacking in our daily lives and I want to help change that. I also joined YBC because I want to collaborate with painters, videographers, and photographers to present my words in new ways. As a resident of Hayden another motivation for joining YBC was to extend our reach throughout Routt County, not just in Steamboat. 

I'm so excited to be producing the innagural performance of SPEAK! It is so gratifying to be part of YBC and see our vision for supporting all creatives beginning to take roots all over Routt County. 



Vivian Boza


Hailing from the semi arid beautiful lands of Botswana, Southern Africa, how did I get here? Long story short i flew in. Graduated BA Economics and Finance years ago and found a love for Accounting. If I'm not at 'work' I am at my home office crunching numbers for my small accounting firm Botho Accounting Services. Why Steamboat Springs? I am here for the amazing community, magical summers, free concerts and endless fires by the camp sites! I always have had an appreciation for the Arts, top of the list FASHION! I am the official YBC cheerleader!  I dance, I drum, I laugh, I love. YBC is chock full of fresh, vibrant and talented artists that I learn a lot from, and enjoy keeping them on their toes financially. My dream is for YBC to be an open and sustainable medium bringing artists and the community together. Go young bloods! 


Danielle Zimmerer (D)


Hey, I'm D

I consider myself a colorado native. I am the mama to the best four-legged doggie I have ever known and am currently planting my roots as deep as possible in Steamboat. Stay humble and hustle hard is a mantra that I live by. I crave travel and daily adventures, and dance floors. I make sure to find time to create, chill, and stay active. I started my business in 2015 + since than I have photographed over 40 weddings and countless families sessions and am picking up more freelancing gigs than I ever imagined. I am absolutely certain that telling stories, capturing authentic moments and loving people through photography is exactly what I was created to do. I am so thankful for all the amazing people I have met due to this art collective and am stoked to see how this platform fosters and encourages the up and coming creatives in the valley. 



Reed Jones

 YPN Liaison/ BOARD

A Texas native, Reed attended Lake Forest College, north of Chicago, for two years. A summer in Grand Lake perpetuated a move to Winter Park. After two years fully submersed in the mountain lifestyle, she opted to finish her journalism undergrad at CSU. Degree in hand, she headed back up to the mountains to a variety of jobs. A few years in Stowe, Vermont solidified her love of Colorado. She headed back to eventually take a sales position with TV18 in Winter Park. This then brought her to a position in Steamboat as Advertising Sales Consultant and Host for Steamboat TV18 in September of 2012. Most recently, she was started The Jones Standard, an event and wedding planning business. She also is the chair of the Young Professionals Network, is a board member on the Chamber board, works with the Free Summer Concert series and is on the steering committee for Impact 100.