SPEAK- Performances From Women in the Yampa Valley

SPEAK is an hour long performance written and performed by women living in the Yampa Valley. The performance will feature a variety of styles from spoken word, to slam poetry, to stand-up comedy, to dance. Inspired by the likes of 2 Dope Queens and Eve Ensler, SPEAK is a telling of the female experience in all its humor and tragedy in the modern, mountain world. Please email your questions to info@youngbloodscollective.org

Submissions for SPEAK 2018 OPEN NOW

Young Bloods Collective is proud to announce that we are now collecting submissions for the 2018 performance of SPEAK! There will be a two month period during which you may submit, all submissions must be received by 8 am Friday December 22 to be considered for inclusion. One submission per person. As with last year, you may submit to perform your own work, or submit your own work to be performed by another. If it is needed we will hold auditions for performers.

Like last year we would like all the submissions to be 5 minutes or less and to focus on stories about the female experience from the female perspective; with a little twist. We’d love to explore more the idea of collaboration vs. competition in our society but especially between women. Do you have a story of a woman you once competed against, only to realize in the end that your competition caused you both to lose? Do you have story of an amazing female boss or mentor? Or a story of mentoring a colleague whom you may have felt inclined to compete against? Do you have a story about turning an enemy into a friend? Tell us about your competitions, tell us about your collaborations. Tell us about your triumphs, tell us about your missteps. Tell us all your stories; we’re listening…SPEAK.

Young Bloods Collective would like to invite you to advertise in our fundraiser event SPEAK program. This is a wonderful opportunity for your business or organization to be viewed by a unique, diverse, and community oriented demographic.



SPEAK is looking for volunteers

This is a great way to see the show (If you help with both setup and take down, you will get free admission to the performance).