Plateau Province Poetics - 1 Year Class


Plateau Province Poetics - 1 Year Class

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Plateau Province Poetics is a year long course created by Emily Waldron, YBC Board Secretary and creator of SPEAK.

The course is designed to spark a deeper creative link to the area we live in, but it is not just a history class, not just a class where we check off scenic points in our backyard.

With a BS in Geology from the University of Puget Sound and nearly 10 years of work experience in the oilfield and regulation of the oilfield in Colorado and all over the western US, Waldron has a unique vantage point to spark discussions, ideas, and creative endeavors through PPP.

From  Emily Waldron:

Last summer I attended Naropa University's Summer Writing Program, which boasts a legacy including Ginsberg and Collum. I was able to spend one week studying with Lisa Jarnot and she is the one who gave me the idea to "teach" a class about my passions, in a less formal setting than a community college or university. She taught a similarly structured class out of her apartment in New York city in 2015. This will be different than a field class, at least that I took in college, because I truly want it to be multi-disciplinary. I want the science to bleed into the poetry, into the painting, into the photographs...I want the scenery to make people ask questions of a more scientific nature. I want those questions to lead to questions and discussions about past, present and future land use in the WEST. I want us to begin thinking enough about the Anthropocene to see its presences everywhere. This class will also be different because after the first 2 books each quarter's texts and other materials can be consumed in the order and pace which suites each individual. I hope that this method will encourage inter-disciplinary works and discussions during our monthly meetings. I will attach the raft syllabus for the first quarter to give you an idea of the amount of material we will be handling.  I may add one or two more reading pieces. Which leads me to answer

My dream trip would be a 4 day rafting trip through Gates of Lodore, that one is definitely funding dependent! The rest of the trips require little funding

The fee to take PPP will go directly into funding our field trips (gas, motels, car rentals, incidentals, food) and into purchasing a set of "classroom" books which can be checked out if you are taking PPP. It is a goal of YBC to design other programs like this, and to pay the instructors of the courses a reasonable amount of compensation. However, I am more inclined in this situation to donate my time so that all the fees can be used to make the class as immersive and exploratory as I imagine it can be.

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