SPEAK- Performances From Women in the Yampa Valley

SPEAK is an hour long performance written and performed by women living in the Yampa Valley. The performance will feature a variety of styles from spoken word, to slam poetry, to stand-up comedy, to dance. Inspired by the likes of 2 Dope Queens and Eve Ensler, SPEAK is a telling of the female experience in all its humor and tragedy in the modern, mountain world. 

- SPEAK Created by Emily Waldron for YBC in 2016

Please email your questions to info@youngbloodscollective.org


For SPEAK 2020, we focus not only on the force behind those bridges, but also the force that shapes our entire social landscape, our decisions, our behaviors, and sometimes our feelings of worth in the world. 100 years ago, women had no autonomy before the law. We could not vote, we could not work, we could not get an education, own property, or get elected. Much has changed since then, but how much? Still, today, though laws have changed, a more elusive force seems to challenge those of who seek to shape our society. It can make us strong or silenced; celebrated, or ignored; weak or resilient. Next years theme is POWER and LEADERSHIP. -SARAH VALENTINO


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SPEAK entails 3 live performances in Hayden, Oak Creek & Steamboat.
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SPEAK is a rewarding experience, but your commitment is needed in order to make it happen. If you are writing and performing your piece you will be required to attend weekly rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the performances. You also are required to perform at all 3 performances.
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We must verify that the work you are submitting is original, made in collaboration, or may contain copyrighted parts, if anything from above but original please include proper credit.



SPEAK volunteers

This is a great way to see the show. Volunteers will get free admission to the performance.